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Welcome to a New You!

Welcome to a New You!

There’s not one thing that constitutes fitness.

People who get fit and stay fit, do tons of little things to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about exercise, it's not just about eating right. It’s about everything working together. Change your mindset and change your life. The best project you'll ever work on is YOU!

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Find Your Community!

Find Your Community!

Connection is a key piece of wellness

We believe that a big part of your success at Fit Club for Women is the supportive community that you will find at the studio!

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Certified Personal Trainers Focus on 4 Elements:

Small Group Personal Training

Exercise in a small group environment with trainers who ensure safety, knowledge, and a deep understanding of what it takes to look and feel your best. To achieve your goals, our Personal Trainers guide you through strength training and cardio to build lean muscle and burn fat. This is the missing link for many women when it comes to sustainable weight loss. Our fitness program is designed to help you lose fat while preserving and adding lean muscle for long term metabolic improvement.

Personalized Nutrition

During your initial assessment, we develop an understanding of your lifestyle and customize a nutrition program just for you. We understand that some people are “all or nothing” and others need to make small changes over time so they don’t get overwhelmed. Our nutrition specialists will help you make those changes as you move toward a lifestyle of clean eating, not a diet. Nutrition is a key ingredient in getting fit, and Fit Club for Women is ready to answer your questions about using food to change your body.

Healthy Mindset

There is not one thing that constitutes fitness. When most people attempt to get healthy, they focus solely on physical attributes. They change their eating habits and adopt a workout routine. People who get fit – and stay fit – do tons of little things to achieve a healthy lifestyle. It’s not just about exercise, it’s not just about eating right. It’s about everything working together. Change your mindset, change your life! The best project you’ll ever work on is YOU.


Our dedicated team helps you set personal health and fitness goals, measures your weekly progress to keep you accountable, and coaches you on building sustainable lifestyle habits. Having set appointments will keep you on track.

Experience Small Group Fitness For Yourself

Meet the Owner

Carrie Macea

Welcome to Fit Club For Women. Since 2014, we have been helping women improve and change their lives through fitness instruction and proper nutrition.

As a lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast, I have a passion for helping people reach optimal health through exercise and nutrition. Fit Club For Women is a place that allows me to connect with women on a daily basis and support them in reaching their goals. It is rewarding to be part of a special place where women feel empowered and to be part of this unique community. I am also proud to set an example to my three daughters in demonstrating that women are strong and capable not only in health and fitness, but as business owners as well.

At Fit Club for Women, we believe in The 4 C’s, Consistent Exercise, Clean Eating, Clear Mindset, and Caring Accountability. These 4 elements are the key to sustainable weight loss. The Personal Trainers and I will teach you how to use them to your full potential. Your workouts will be Consistent. You will learn to Eat Clean. We will encourage a Clear Mindset, and most importantly, you will be held Accountable because we Care.

We hope to be a part of your journey to encourage you along the way!

Tammy Friederich

Age: 40

Loves the Community!

I would recommend anyone that is serious about getting healthy and is at any level of fitness to check out Fit Club for Women. The vibe is non-intimidating, and you will leave feeling stronger and happy! Carrie makes working out fun and challenging at the same time. She is of course, highly professional, and knowledgeable and has the education and certificates to back her up. But it’s her “you can do it” attitude that makes you want to strive and come back for more. Everyone who works at Fit Club for Women wants to get to know you personally and really cares about your health and well-being. Because of this, they’ve cultivated an amazing culture where the members make friends easily, and it really does feel like a community. Everyone is here to improve or maintain our wellness and fitness levels while enjoying the company any support of other women.

Leslie Jablonski

Age: 59

Improved Bone Density

Initially, I lost a few pounds and started to whittle at the middle while turning fat into muscle. It was thrilling to see muscle definition. I’ve gotten stronger and my bone density is much better as I was in the early stages of osteoporosis. As I get older, it gets tougher to stay in shape. The fabulous Fit Club trainers know what buttons to push and inspire me to push myself, stay committed, and be wise about the nutrition choices I make.  I’m motivated by the way I feel when I work out. No matter how tired or busy I might be, I always leave the studio with a smile on my face and a feeling of satisfaction.

Pat Hoyt

Age: 83

Everybody Knows My Name!

At 75 years old I was overweight and out of shape and definitely not getting any younger. It was time for a change. I had tried the big fitness club route and that didn’t work for me. To be accountable to myself I realized that a small studio where “everybody knew my name” would be what worked. Fit Club for Women employs awesome trainers who work with you, designing workouts which are fashioned to maximize your potential, even while recognizing that you may have limitations. I’m encouraged to do more than I ever thought I could. I’m stronger and have more energy since I’ve been a part of the Fit Club community – 8 plus years. It’s a happy place to come to and I have a whole new gang of friends!

Mary Ann Bull

Age: 61

Lost 20 pounds!

I am leaner and stronger and am in much better physical condition than when I first joined Fit Club. I make better nutrition choices and have much better overall health. I love the small group personal training. The trainers are excellent! I appreciate that they show me the correct form when doing an exercise and modify if I have an injury. Each workout session is different and they are challenging and effective. I never realized how little core strength I had before joining Fit Club for Women!

Luann Wyatt

Age: 63

Improved Strength

I had tried other strength training programs, but kept getting injured! Fit Club trainers help me to make immediate modifications to the exercise and work with my limitations and issues. I love combining strength and cardio into one efficient session. The accountability keeps me in regular attendance.  I feel more coordinated and stronger and am toned – I like my arms again! I feel stronger, lighter and have lost 20 pounds since I’ve started at Fit Club.

Ann Abel

Age: 47

Lost 18 lbs and 3 dress sizes!

At FCFW I can have exercise and nutrition in the same location, no longer do I have to go to Weight Watchers. I love the revolving encouragement and weekly changes in circuit training. This is a safe place where I can belong as my authentic self!

Carol Syverson

Age: 58

Lost 12 lbs!

I feel toned and strong! The program provides accountability and workouts that I love. I enjoy the Trainers and camaraderie of the other women.

Jan Solberg

Age: 65

Member for 6.5 Years!

About 7 years ago I had my first bone density test which showed Osteopenia. I had always been an active person; however, the majority of my exercise was cardio-based. I was told that weight bearing exercise could have positive effects on my condition. I had another bone density scan 2 years later which showed the density had stayed the same in some areas and improved in others. I was ecstatic! I believe there are a number of reasons why this program works for me. Knowing that I am pre-scheduled for classes makes me accountable. The Trainers are top notch and keep me motivated by continually challenging me, constantly varying our workouts and modifying certain exercises to accommodate a few physical issues. I have made the very best of friends in my time working out here – complete with hugs, kindness, laughs, and tears!

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